• 2018 Jeep Trackhawk ditches its factory 2.4 liter twin screw supercharger for a TVS2650 and tops 1000 wheel horsepower -

      The factory 2.4 liter twin screw supercharger on the Trackhawk is no slouch but the new TVS2650 series is simply wowing everyone. The new design is just extremely efficient and as tuned LT5's show us it is capable of monster numbers.

      There is a bit more involved here than just the blower swap:

      • Custom Forged VMS Built 6.2L Hemi w/Billet Mains
      • Thitek Billet Hemi Heads
      • Magnuson Vengeance TVS 2650
      • Complete Fore Triple Pump Return Style Fuel System
      • AUS 1300cc Injectors
      • E85 Fuel
      • Kooks Headers & Exhaust
      • VMP 105mm Throttle Body
      • GForce1320 Axles & Driveshaft
      • Brisk Silver Racing Spark Plugs
      • Custom VMS Tuning

      Yes, they topped 1000 horsepower to the rear wheels on a Mustang dyno:

      This Trackhawk is still on the factory transmission so it will be interesting to see how long that lasts but the TCM tuning is no doubt helping.

      Just another TVS2650 powered domestic making quadruple digits...

      Quote Originally Posted by Vector Motorsports
      This 2018 Trackhawk build is surely one-of-a-kind! We did a complete motor build, with forged rods/pistons, custom grind cam, billet main caps, billet Thitek heads, with the best drivetrain parts on the market. Topped off with the badass Magnuson Vengeance TVS-2650 supercharger, this Jeep flows so much air, its turning out far more than 1000+ RWHP on our Mustang Dyno! Thats impressive! Of course we have more than enough E85 fuel to feed this impressive 6.2L Hemi, with a complete Fore Innovations Triple Pump, Return Style Fuel System, and large 1300cc AUS Injectors. This is all custom tuned here at VMS (using HP Tuners) with custom ECM and TCM calibrations on the stock 8-Speed transmission and stock ECM to control it all. The driveline has been updated with some GForce1320 Engineering Axles and Driveshaft. There are some very minor suspension modifications, on this mostly stock platform. The Kooks headers and Exhaust system create quiet the growl with a perfect tone! While on our dyno, we did some testing for Magnuson Superchargers playing with pulley/cog ratios on the supercharger as well as VMP Performance testing their new 105mm throttle body, all which made impressive gains! To top it off, and add just a bit more power, we created a custom VMS Velocity Stack to suck in even more air! Check out more information below regarding the testing and numbers! Please note that the numbers shown are on the “lower” side of what this Trackhawk is actually putting down and what its capable of because the owner is a local Grudge Racer that will be at the track on a regular basis with this beast!

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        Maybe it will actually lay down a decent ET now...haha

        Honestly amazing though.