• Jeep going after the F-150 Raptor? Hercules Gladiator

      This is a rumor and frankly may just be forum clickbait but this is one enthusiasts certainly hope is true. The Jeep Gladiator truck is being well received and all it is missing is a true high performance version for enthusiasts.

      The F-150 Raptor is a sales success and goes to show there is a market for high performance off-road vehicles. Could the Hercules replicate that success?

      With the right motor and suspension, absolutely. By right motor we mean a Hemi V8.

      Who knows what will happen or if it will even happen but the Raptor is pretty much unchallenged at this time.

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      1. Zombie1's Avatar
        Zombie1 -
        Even if this is true, I donít see them stealing to many potential buyers from ford.
      1. Bowser330's Avatar
        Bowser330 -
        I see it targeting the Ford Ranger Raptor not the larger/fullsize F150 Raptor.

        A hemi Jeep truck would sell
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Bowser330 Click here to enlarge
        A hemi Jeep truck would sell