• Swapping a Hemi Hellcat 6.2 V8 into a Nissan 350Z

      The Nissan 350Z is a pretty old design at this point but it is also a very fun to drive sports car. The vehicle is well balanced and fairly light at ~3500 pounds depending on options. Mostly, the drivetrain is dated especially compared to newer Nissan vehicles making it underpowered by today's standards.

      The Hellcat V8 certainly is not underpowered with over 700 horsepower. This motor will not make the 350Z chassis better balanced or lighter but it will give a huge kick in the pants especially when it comes to torque.

      Does it fit? Kind of. It requires quite a bit of cutting into the car but this guy is determined to get it to fit in.

      A 350Z or 370Z with a Hellcat certainly sounds like fun on paper. In reality, it isn't simple to do. The owner is stuck at this point regarding how to proceed. Hopefully he figures it out.

      It is unfortunate Nissan will not consider a large naturally aspirated motor for the next generation Z as it certainly would be different from everything else on the market. It certainly is time for a new Z though and Nissan tipped their hand as to what they want to do.

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