• Factory stock Demon runs 9.866@137.67 in the 1/4 mile

      The Hellcat and Demon Challengers from Dodge have struggled a bit in consumer hands to match factory times. Drag racing is really all about the launch and conditions. With winter weather brings with it quicker times.

      Dodge's claim for the Demon is a 9.65 @ 140.09. So, quicker and faster than what this customer achieved:

      With DA around 250 he improved to 9.866 @ 137.67:

      This is of course on the factory Nitto drag radials. This is the first customer to run 9-second passes on the factory tires and factory stock.

      This was with the one-seat interior layout and the car weighing in at 4101 pounds.

      Only a matter of time until someone matches or exceeds Dodge's factory time which is obviously very quick.

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        MSIZZLE -
        i thought 3 others of done it, plus who ever did it who isn't on forums or social media. nobody has matched dodge as far as i know though
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        Zombie1 -
        Didn’t Hennessy match dodges time?
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Zombie1 Click here to enlarge
        Didn’t Hennessy match dodges time?
        I only saw they ran low 9's with around 1000 whp.